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Paul Talbot

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Modern Electric Tattoo Co
Birmingham, United


Yeah..! What is it?Karma.Punk Collages on Human Skin. Re-examining Bits and Pieces of What?s Been Discarded in the Haste of the Late 20th Century and Sticking Them Together. Stills from a Postmodern Science-Fiction Movie Set Ten Minutes in The Future. Global Slang for The Common Man. Technology: The Myth, and the Religion of Design Or Die. Talent Borrows, Genius Steals.I?m Not a Gypsy, I?m Not a Sailor, I?m neither Japanese or Religious. I?m a Good Old Fashioned Rebel Challenging the Notion that Tattoo Iconography is Relevant to a Working-Class, 80?s Analogue, Comic Book Reading Suburban Rock?n?Roll Kid from the Middle of England.Is it any Wonder that Traditional Tattoo Images Simply Don?t Resonate with Me? My Church is a Department Store and the Shopping Malls my Cathedrals. My Idols Aren?t Covered in Ink They Are Made Of Them and My Icons are the Neon Corporate Logos Seen From The Highway at Night.Thats Why I ? Like My Clients and You ? Are Drawn to 20th Century Pulp Culture Over 19th Century Folk Art. Hi-Tech Piracy. Customised and Collaged.That..! Is What it is!