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Kai Uwe Faust

Florence Tattoo Convention / Kai Uwe Faust
Kunsten Paa Kroppen


Born in Germany 1978 in a dark and rainy autumn night, grown up in a small village in West Germany with strict Christian background. I was drawing and fascinated by history, art and mythology since earliest childhood, and had the dream to work at Walt Disney studios! At the end of teenage years, I opened my eyes, deepened my knowledge of pre-christian mythology and animism, and turned away from monotheism. After school I took a builders' education specialized on concreteworks. After that I went back to school again to get a higher graduation. One lucky day I met Astrid Köpfler (Drauf & Dran Heaven and Hell Living Art, Germany) who took me as her apprentice in 2001. Eight busy and successful years followed, where I toured through Scandinavian Viking Markets, doing strictly traditional tattooing in the summer, and worked in 'Living Art Studio' the rest of the year. 2008 I got the invitation to work as a guest artist at Kunsten på Kroppen, 2010 Kunsten på Kroppen became my homebase, 2013 my humble book Nordic Tattoo- Black Art was published, 2015 Erik stopped working and made me his successor, the rest is (living) history...