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Tattoo Contest 2019

Florence Tattoo Convention / Tattoo Contest 2019


For registration, the participant (tattooed) must present himself at the info point within the times indicated below, before being registered, each work will be viewed to be accepted. Works previously performed in the studio can participate, except in the Best in show and Best of the day category.

We will not accept works that are too small or are considered in some way unsuitable.

Each tattoo artist can register only one job per category.
With the same tattoo it is possible to enroll only in one of the seven categories.


(Each entry will be pre-selected)

Saturday, November 9th

  • CATEGORY: TRIBAL – COLOR – ORNAMENTAL – BEST OF THE DAY (For tattoos performed Friday and Saturday)
  • Subscription time: 15.00 | 18.00
  • The contest start at: 20.30

Sunday, November 10th

  • CATEGORY: REALISTIC – ORIENTAL – BEST IN SHOW (For tattoos performed only during the 3 days of the convention)
  • Subscription time: 15.00 | 18.00
  • The contest start at: 20.30

(The times indicated above are indicative, the official ones will be communicated at the time of registration for the contest.)

The Prices

For this 12th edition the realization of the Prizes for the Tattoo Contest has been entrusted to Simone El Rana in collaboration with Alessandro Pellegrini who realized the illustration represented in the manifesto of this edition of the event. The well-known Tuscan artist, in addition to having made the award with the illustration depicted by Alessandro for the poster of this 12th Florence Tattoo Convention, has also developed the award depicting a Tibetan skull. An original ex voto is set within each prize. The awards were made entirely by hand in Tuscany.

Notes on the artist:

Simone El Rana, a great admirer of tattoos, art, jewelery and antiques for over twenty years. His passions have merged over time to create the collection of jewels and artistic works that made him known in Tattoo World.
Trademark and distinctive symbol of his work is the ex vote present both in the production of jewels and in artistic compositions.
For the entire production El Rana draws inspiration from the various worlds that contaminate it giving life to a riot of shapes and images ranging from the sacred to the profane, anchors, rudders and sailing ships are thus placed side by side with skulls and religious images, thus creating a pout pourrì of cultures.
Over the years El Rana has availed himself of the support of various specialized collaborators in various sectors: Leonardo and Alessandro are at the carpentry workshop, collaborating in the creation of works and awards for most of the Italian and foreign tattoo conventions; Cristina and Giulia take care of the commercial part, Massimo who collaborates in the creation of the jewelry.
El Rana together with his Team, tries every day to carry on his work with great passion and dedication, always offering his customers a high quality handmade product.