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Request accreditation

Florence Tattoo Convention / Request accreditation

Florence Tattoo Convention want to facilitate access to the event of journalists, freelancers and bloggers by issuing a press accreditation in compliance with simple procedures that can allow judging the legitimacy of the concession.
Press accreditation can be requested by:

  1. holders of a valid press card of an association of journalists
  2. professionals able to prove their journalistic activity by providing a copy of articles or services signed or referred to as collaborators or a copy of the letter of assignment written by an editorial staff
  3. bloggers or authors of relevant sites
  4. photojournalists in possession of a professional card or who are able to show links of services related to culture, leisure or related events and above all FORMAL COMMITMENT TO PUBLISHING AND SHARE THE SERVICES OF THE CONVENTION

The applicant’s details and the requested credentials must be sent to

Firenze Indelebile