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Barbara Bozzini

Florence Tattoo Convention / Exhibition / Barbara Bozzini

The “Guardami” collection

“It’s a voiceless cry… it’s a loud look veiled in black tar.”

It is an artistic project that was born in parallel with the literary project “Barbarieta’ – In the name of Pain, Love and the Free Spirit.” (published by Through editions); a poetic anthology that hosts my self-portraits.

In “Guardami” the main subject is my eye… an eye that becomes a mirror of the soul in which the beyond can be glimpsed between the cracks of life.

I create my works with the mixed media technique, working mainly on wood because I seek the physical experientiality of the material in the all-encompassing and dreamlike freedom of creative expression: mixing techniques breaks limits and barriers, doing it on wood, a material that ages and changes, allows to the work of not being static… of living.


Barbara Bozzini, originally from Mantua, now lives in Desenzano del Garda (BS).
In the world of social media she is known as @TheBlackB.

Always a multifaceted performer totally immersed in the visual arts, she has worked since a very young age as a model and designer, never abandoning her first and visceral passion for photography, painting and poetry.

In 2023 his first poetic anthology “Barbarieta’ “In the name of Pain, Love and the Free Spirit” was released (Edizioni AttraVerso)