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Daniele Simoni and Jonathan Harley

Florence Tattoo Convention / Exhibition / Daniele Simoni and Jonathan Harley

Daniele Simoni and Jonathan Harley.

An exhibition that seeks a point of union between tattooing, graphics and painting.
The techniques are mixed: spray paints, acrylic paints, markers, enamels and tattoo inks.
Jonathan combines old used stencils, acetates or preparatory drawings with patterns and abstract compositions inspired by contemporary painting and folklore, from tribal motifs to subcultures.
Daniele, after having found a personal synthesis made of traditional tattooing, Japanese graphics and pop illustration, decides to put these same subjects on canvas.

Both resident tattooers at Modern Tattooing in Lucca, a tattoo studio active since 2014 but with the experience of Beo behind them, a tattoo artist since the 80s, known throughout Italy and beyond!