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Francesca Silvia Maurizi

Florence Tattoo Convention / Exhibition / Francesca Silvia Maurizi

“Chi dorme non piglia pesci, perché nei sogni, coi pesci, ci può volare”.
(The early bird gets the worm)
From painting to digital drawing, dreamlike atmospheres are the lowest common denominator in all my work.
Drawing scenes I have never experienced and incredible spaces I have never seen, except in my unconscious, allows me to make them real and relive them as often as I want. Often, as surreal and complex as they may be, dreams conceal a very simple meaning, not at all artificial, which has to do with our most natural desires and thoughts and solve, in a natural and simple way, unnecessary problems and complications that we ourselves have created.
During sleep, time passes and we do not have the anxiety of knowing what time it is but simply experience it full of emotions, both positive and negative.
It would be nice to stop associating the act of sleeping with the loss of time, to rest more and, in general, to have more time for ourselves, to contemplate everything that is detached from rationality and pragmatism, from the continuous race for time that seems to be our life.

BIOGRAPHY: Francesca Silvia Maurizi ( born in 1996), graduated from Art School and graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, specialised in Illustration and Concept Art at Thesign Academy and attended a course in advertising graphics and social media design. Among her various experiences and artistic collaborations, she has worked as a freelancer for La Repubblica, an italian journal.