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Marika d’Ernest

Florence Tattoo Convention / Exhibition / Marika d’Ernest

Marika D’Ernest was born in Puglia, Italy, where she lived until the age of 19. She moved to Bologna city where she studied and worked. She graduates in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and later the course of study ends with a master’s degree in art history .During those years of study , research and work, she meets the people who passed on to her the passion for Historical Tattooing and begins to get tattooed and tattooed. She chooses the technique of hand tattooing. She collaborates with several studios in Italy such as The tattooshopmilano, blueport in Genova, Sorry mom Bologna, kikutattoostudio Frascati.
She currently lives and works in Puglia resident at blackswantattoo Bari.

The research investigates ancient techniques such as ceramics , metalwork and hand tattooing. This is mixed with the critical and deployed look at the fast-paced contemporary.
Mine is a need to take back time and space, Cultivating an ancient patience.
I chose hand tattooing because it is timeless and because it is closely related to women’s history.