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Morg Armeni

Morg, an internationally renowned artist and tattoo artist, graduated from the Accademia Ligustica in Genoa and continues her course of study in Holland. She has been active as a tattoo artist between Genoa, Milan, Rome and Amsterdam, she opened the Morganic Heart tattoo studio in Genoa but today he is a globetrotting guest artist.
He prefers figurative and oil paintings surreal, with explicit references to a tasteful aesthetic pop and gothic with the influence of late Middle Ages-early Renaissance painting.
From a conceptual point of view we instead find one marked affinity with the spirit of Flemish painters, who love to place emphasis on the decadent and irrational aspects of a lost humanity, surrounded by evil and corrupted by the prejudices of a bigoted and materialistic culture, which deliberately denies the supremacy of the intellect.
The result is archetypal apocalyptic figures, new deities of the Kali-Yuga marked by a murky beauty, full of suffering and a visceral sensuality, poised between joy and pain, fear and courage live. As in the Springtime series, inspired by the Fukushima nuclear disaster, where the resurrection is entrusted to the pure strength of the body and spirit together with a heroic acceptance of mutation, which always occurs through “grace alchemy” of Mother Nature. These figures of women, ironically crowned with golden backgrounds or glimpses of celestial light (in the manner of the Saints), are disturbing but at the same time symbols of hope, symbolized by the elements natural elements that surround them, which indicate the existence of a sort of tacit alliance between them and the forces of Nature.
The general atmosphere of Morg’s paintings reveals a state of decadence advanced, in which humans are reduced to poor devils destined to live in one state of perpetual frustration, deviated by ignorance of true spiritual values ​ and victims of stupid beliefs and false fears.
Critical text by Viola Bazzocchi