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Roberto Taddei

Florence Tattoo Convention / Exhibition / Roberto Taddei

Roberto Taddei (San Juan Nonual – El Salvador, 1985). At three years old he was adopted and moved to Italy. Gifted with a precocious talent, he approached the bic pen in the incessant practice of the exercise and in the learning of basic painting techniques.
The pen becomes the one and only expressive tool, which leads the artist to seek the emotional plausibility of the subject, while keeping it away from a sterile hyperrealism. The degree in Architecture from the University of Florence enriches him with firm and rigorous architectural notions which he highlights in his works with a completely new constructive vision.

The recognized photographic quality to which the artist’s line alludes makes the viewer’s perception of the nature of the work completely illusory. A constant and obsessive attention to detail makes the acceptance of mistakes one’s continuous improvement.