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The Tattoo Writer (Pascal Bagot)

Florence Tattoo Convention / Exhibition / The Tattoo Writer (Pascal Bagot)

credits ©Akimitsu Takagi, courtesy Pascal Bagot

The Tattoo Writer is a research project led by the French journalist Pascal Bagot, a tattoo specialist in Japan, based on the photographs of Akimitsu Takagi.

Akimitsu Takagi (1920-1995) was one of the greatest Japanese crime writers of the 20th century. Passionate about tattoos, he documented Tokyo’s amateur underground scene in the 1950s and 1960s. Forgotten in the novelist’s library and unknown until their discovery in 2017, these images establish him as one of the most important witnesses to the history of tattooing in 20th century Japan.

The Tattoo Writer is also a book (published in 2022, reprinted in 2023) that collects more than 130 of these photographs.

During the conference there will be an exhibition of Akimitsu Takagi’s photographs, with a selection of silver prints. Pascal Bagot will be available to answer your questions and will sign his book throughout the weekend.

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