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Wise Kid

Lukasz Wise, also known by the name Wise Kid, was born in 1983 in the south of Poland. From his early days he was in contact with the arts through his family’s artistic roots. In 1996 he became infatuated with graffiti and hip hop culture and in 2002 he visited Amsterdam for the first time where he fell in love with the city. A year later he settled in Amsterdam and actively started break dancing in Leidseplein, where a few years later he eventually began to sell his paintings at the street market on that same square. Through his experiences and connections here his career in canvas and skin began. In 2012 he opened the Wise Kid tattoo and gallery where he exhibited his first oil paintings as well as developing himself as a tattoo artist. In 2016, he decided to open a second studio under the name of Black Rose, which resulted in the expansion of the group of people he works with, only adding to the creative network he has cultivated through this international city hub. His work reflects different aspects from the hip-hop culture, graffiti and even the Dutch old masters. All the while he attempts to encapsulate a mysterious and surreal atmosphere.